Human Rights

Information on groups that campaign for LGBTQ rights in the UK and worldwide:

OutRage! was formed in 1990 after the murder of the gay actor Michael Boothe, with the aims to "Assert the dignity and humans rights of queers; Fight homophobia, discrimination and violence directed against us: and Affirm our right to sexual freedom, choice and self-determination".
OutRage! in its time has courted controversy. Most famous for its high-profile direct action campaigns, such as attempting to citizens' arrest Robert Mugabe, lobbying the liberal Danish Embassy to invade the UK (and bring with them their liberal legislation) and, most controversially, threatening to out high-profile members of the clergy who were secretly gay but pushing through homophobic policies.
OutRage! doesnt have its own website, but does have information on Peter Tatchell's website.

Queer Youth Network
The Queer Youth Network was formed in 1999, as a grass roots civil rights group. It has since changed considerably, as its immediate aims to secure the abolition of Section 28 and the equalisation of the age of consent were met. The Network then began to focus on support for LGBT youth. The Network, does however, reject that civil partnerships equate to equal rights for same sex couples, and is one of the founding members of the Coaltion for Marriage Equality in the UK. They also run and host Queer Youth Radio. Check out the QYN's website:

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