LGBT Asylum

The UK currently doesn't grant asylum to people who are persecuted for their sexuality, instead hiding behind the fact that they are not responsible for other countries laws.

The UK has denied numerous people asylum, choosing to send them back to be killed for being homosexual, unlike other EU countries which are much more sympathetic to their plight, for example Holland.


Current asylum cases we're aware of:

Prossy Kakooza

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Prossy is a 26 year old woman seeking asylum in the UK. She fled Uganda after suffering vicious sexual, physical and verbal attacks due to her sexual orientation.
Her asylum application has been refused by the Home Office, who acknowledge she was brutally raped and burnt because of the medical evidence, but have dismissed these appalling attacks as "the random actions of individuals", and state she can be returned to a different town in Uganda. This judgement ignores the clear danger to gay people throughout the country where the penalty for homosexuality is life imprisonment. Also, in Uganda, you cannot settle in a new town without a reference from your previous village, and on the basis she is a lesbian, Prossy would be subjected to similar persecution wherever she went. We consider that if Prossy is sent back, she faces the further threat of incarceration, and further sickening attacks, which next time may be fatal.

You will be pleased to know that Prossy has been granted asylum in the UK! She's been given leave to remain in the UK as a refugee for the next five years. During this time she can live and work and study with the same rights as any other UK citizen. At the end of this time Prossy can apply for indefinite leave to remain and, if she wishes, apply for UK citizenship.
As she rejoices, Prossy will not prepare to leave the accomodation provided for her as an asylum seeker and find her own place to live and a job. She will also be considering on how best to help Leah, her partner, who is still in Uganda.

Thank you all for your support of Prossy's campaign!

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