Meeting Minutes

Minutes from meeting: 5/3/09

Exec Elections occured two weeks before these minutes started.

Chaired by Liane (President), minutes taken by Nim (Secretary).
• Jess
1. Trip to Berlin- Christopher Day on 27/06/09. Go to Berlin for a bit before and after the date. Cheapest plane was £144.99, train was £126. Can stay at a friend of Jess’s for free or at a small cost. Ask Jess for more info: ku.gro.igsm|reciffo#ku.gro.igsm|reciffo
Lloyd also mentioned about the Easter Womans Fest in Berlin. Ask Lloyd for more info: ku.gro.igsm|rerusaert#ku.gro.igsm|rerusaert
2. Trans Tea Party. Contact Jess for more info: ku.gro.igsm|reciffo#ku.gro.igsm|reciffo

• Allsorts
Non-alcoholic party proposed for the youth- end of April.
Mardi Gras themed Allsorts in 14/05/09.

• Informed of the upcoming name debate of society taking place on 12/03/09. Then a vote.
• Also proposed to change to the meeting and how they are run and what they are. Mention of some political meetings, and some social/ games meetings instead. Any ideas to Liane.

Name Debate 12/03/09
A debate took place on the above date about the change of name for the society. Four names were proposed: Queer Soc, LGBT, LGBTQ and also to stay with the name MSGI, also given the option of RON.
A small speech was made for each proposed name, and questions and answers for those who wanted to debate the names.

Queer: 5
RON: 0

This means that the name of the society has now been changed to LGBTQ.
If you require further information about the vote contact Liane: ku.gro.igsm|tnediserp#ku.gro.igsm|tnediserp

Minutes from meeting: 19/3/09
Chaired by Liane (President), minutes taken by Nim (Secretary).
• Edd
1. Allsorts Picnic 18/04/09 4-8pm. No alcohol due to Blagy/ Sound being there. Held on the amphitheatre. Instead of night time allsorts which falls in the Easter holidays.
2. May Allsorts- Mardi Gras themed. Neon colours and masks. Also votes for Mardi Gras King and Queen. Also the request cheese to be played in a 30mins slot. Any further requests to Edd: ku.gro.igsm|laicos#ku.gro.igsm|laicos.
• Ideas for 09/10
1. Freshers Allsorts- Question of where it will be held due to building work on campus. Possibility of being in theatre on the mill or hiring a room in a club in town.
2. Suggestion of charity events such as 5-a-side football and games etc. with other LGBT societies.
3. Extra monthly social events such as bowling, ice skating, meals, cinema. (non alcoholic).
4. City trips either for nights over or weekends away. Places suggested: Leeds, Manchester, Brighton, Blackpool, London. Would include sightseeing, shopping, clubbing etc.
5. A variety show- general talents, can be charitable or not.
• Pride:
Bradford: 30th May
Leeds: 2nd August
Manchester: 21st-31st August Have to buy tickets.
Hull: 25th July
• Back Door Disco Sat 25th April. New gay night being launched at Mission and secret entrance through a flower shop! Free entry for society members if you confirm before the night. 11pm-4am. Contact Edd for more info: ku.gro.igsm|laicos#ku.gro.igsm|laicos.

• NUS LGBT elections on 26/03/09 1 woman and 2 open places.

• NUS LGBT awards are open for nominations:
Go for more info.

• Bi rep. Vote: Luke vs RON. Luke won. Ask Liane if you require more info. About votes: ku.gro.igsm|tnediserp#ku.gro.igsm|tnediserp

• We also had a quiz! And Morpheus is a tranny won! Wooooo go us! :D

Minutes from Meeting 26.3.09

Chaired by Liane (president) minutes taken by Edd (social Sec)
• NUS LGBT conference elections took place, Jess automatically took a women’s place as she is LGBT officer. Votes took place for Sophia for the other women’s place and Lloyd and Michael for the open places. All were voted in to go.
• Clause 58 Announcement by Eddward, which was passed on Tuesday 24.3.09 by labour making it illegal to incite homophobic hate.
• Meeting with other societies at 7pm on Monday 30.3.09, Liane and Edd to attend.
• Social.
1. Courtyard parties- leeds queens court 4-12pm on 12th April
2. Picinic Allsorts- 18th April starts at 4pm bring own food
3. Back Door Disco at Leeds Mission 25th April 11pm-4am

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