Hi, I'm the new president taking over from the loverly Hamzah. My aims for this year are basically to have a good time and meet new people and provide somewhere for LGBT students old and new to gather.

If anyone has any issues that they want to discuss in meetings or in private, feel free to contact us on moc.liamg|tbgldrofdarB#moc.liamg|tbgldrofdarB

I am also looking to run a campaign or two during the year, but want them to concern the issues that affect the society, so if anyone has any ideas to put forward, please contact one of the exec.

We are also resurrecting Allsorts so watch out for more information. ;)

We have a number of other exec positions vacant so lemme know if you fancy becoming:
Gay womens rep
Gay mens rep
Bi rep
Trans rep
Social sec

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