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What is Queer?
The term 'queer' is not easily explained, and will differ in meaning depending on who you ask. In general, it can describe one or more of a few interlinked things:

* An Identity - Queer can be used as an sexual and gender identity. It is often used to refer to people who are not straight and cis-gendered, but do not choose to define strictly within the terms of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Trans. For example, a partner of a trans-person could define as queer as they do not fall under those strictly defined roles, but are not necessarily considered straight, either. The fact that Queer is not easily defined is it's strength. People often use the term queer if they don't wish to define themselves strictly, disclose their sexuality/gender identity explicitly, or if their identity changes from time to time.

* A Belief - Queer is inextricably related to the social concepts of queer theory. Queer Theory grew out of thirdwave feminism, gay and lesbian studies, and postmodernism. It attempts to view gender and sexuality through the same lens, along with other aspects of a persons identity, and so people who 'believe' in tenets of Queer believe that the constructs of gender and sexuality are inextricably linked.

* Political Stance - Queer is often associated with radical politics and activism, and Queer can be taken as a political stance against heteronormativity (the view that being straight is normal and every other behavior is deviant) and patriarchy. For this reason it is often seen as being anti-capitalist as capitalism in its current form props up patriarchy and monogamous heterosexuality as the moral ideal. Queer as a political stance seeks to subvert mainstream views on gender, sexuality and the dynamics of relationships.

Check out Manifesta, a Leeds based, Queer-Feminist collective who use art and culture to explore and challenge gender and sexuality. They are responsible for Suck My Left One.

Want to find out more about Queer Theory? Read anything by Michel Foucault. (Wikipedia links - oh the shame!)

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