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Social Secretary (& Acting President)

Hi guys! I'm the Social Secretary for the LGBT Society at Bradford uni, 2010/11. I'm just moving into my second year here studying Biomedical Sciences.

My role as the social sec is to organise events and functions throughout the year for the members of the society (and the people we drag down with us), ranging from nights out to the scene, to an afternoon down to the local Starbucks!
If there is anything anyone is particularly interested in doing, feel free to drop me a message!
We're always up for a good time out :D

One of my main aims is to get involved with the other LGBT societies that are local to us, where we can get involved with and meet other LGBT studentsy. This will also include scene trips outside of Bradford, where we can all go out and return together.
It makes a taxi cheaper for the individual ;)

As there are so few members, I am also currently the acting president. There's a page on it! :D



Hammy - Social SecHammy - Social Sec

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