HIV + Hep B 1 Hr Testing + Hep B Vacination

During Feb we are also arranging groups each Thurs to go to Leeds and get tested for HIV & Hep B.

Also they can give a Hep B vacination (it is highly recomended all gay men have this - you won't of had it done at school).

The service is Free and confidential and provided via MESMAC Leeds.

The whole Testing process should take only 1 hour to complete and you get your results there and then.

For info on the service: http://www.mesmac.co.uk/tt/index.html

The service is open from 6-7:30pm so feel free use the service directly no appointment is nessasary.

But anyone who's interested in going as a group from bradford. We are planning to get the train in to Leeds @ 17:18 from the interchange. Please arrive early and look for Robbie (photo) @ the Courtyard Pub in the University Communeral Building at 4:45pm. To ensure we don't miss you you can call Robbie 07905517428 so we can meet-up.

This will be done every thursday during FEB so if you can't make it this time try next Thurs.

First trip will be Thurs 7th Feb.

We have finished doing scheduled trips but if you are interested in getting tested with someone to hold your hand or just want to know what goes on there contact Robbie

Also see the Sexual Heath Page for more testing services.

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